Using Diffusers To Teach Counting

Don’t know what to do with your used diffusers or medicine bottles? You can turn it into a counting game. Alternatively you can paint toilet paper and use coffee stirrers 

Tip: Count slowly as you put each stick into the bottle to model the counting in order to teach the math skill of one-to-one correspondence. For a child who is learning how to count, it is perfectly normal for him to rattle off 1-10 from rote memorization when it’s only 5 sticks! Keep modeling the counting and be encouraging 

Early childhood Devt:
Numbers can be a very abstract concept for the child. This hands-on activity helps concretise your child’s understanding. The child develops the skill of one-to-one correspondence by learning to assign one number to one object. This skill precedes the understanding of the quantity that each number represents. It also helps the child to make visual discrimination of more and less.


4 thoughts on “Using Diffusers To Teach Counting

    • Elizabeth!! Do you remember me?? I am a big fan of your page too!! Have been so blessed reading your blog & your adventures with your kids!! I’m new to blogging! Let me figure out how to link my blog to yours and you can do likewise! 🙂

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