Chinese New Year Lantern

Tired of painting on paper? Try painting on 3-dimensional objects like the paper lantern! One of my Favorite places for inspiration is Daiso! I was straightaway attracted to the $2 Japanese paper lanterns that come in all shapes & colours! 

Rae was excited to get started the moment she saw the lantern! It was Chinese New Year season & I thought it will be great to make a CNY lantern! When mixing the red and yellow colours, she exclaimed, ” Mummy look! It’s orange!” It was a moment of discovery for her.

532335_10151605693648534_2043783544_n 525434_10151605692958534_1791640246_n 560008_10151605693413534_157354617_n 521583_10151605692618534_1553625254_n 603591_10151605693108534_612009951_n 14069_10151605693748534_1076732432_n 521689_10151605693898534_1254331504_n560008_10151605693413534_157354617_n

On the first day of our Chinese New Year visit, Rae decided to give her handmade lantern to her grandparents! What surprise when she greeted them with the red lantern with the inverted Chinese Character which means “Spring is here”.

20800_10151605691913534_327476207_n         15289_10151605681948534_1552777647_n (1)

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