Sculpting Balloon Art

One lazy afternoon,  I presented Rae with some sculpting balloons that were slightly inflated, together with some paint, and waited to see what she would do with them. Almost instinctively, she clenched different ones with her fingers and used them as paintbrushes to make strokes on the paper. I would never have thought of that! 

Sometimes all we need is give open-ended materials to our children and let their creativity take over!

17304_10151577717958534_959324064_n 28160_10151577722828534_1976890304_n 58075_10151577717823534_2020469906_n  149088_10151577718048534_2111409536_n 483773_10151577717158534_1532977197_n  525298_10151577717318534_2094076038_n 543139_10151577717433534_1871203786_n 644296_10151577717583534_1735482550_n

Take a look at the ‘masterpiece’ that Rae created!


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