Threading Beads

Threading beads onto a string is one my favourite activities with Rae. It requires fine motor skills such as grasping. The larger beads require the 3-finger grasp which is similar to how we hold a pencil to write. Using smaller beads for older children encourages them to use the finger grasp, which strengthens their small muscles of the hands.
 Here Rae picks up a bead from the beading tray, manipulates the bead until its pinched between the thumb and the finger and uses eye-hand coordination to put the string through the bead. All these go on in just threading one bead!
Along the way, I discovered this activity is great for imaginative play! Rae started saying she wants to make a necklace for me!

Then in the next moment, she said she is making a train  Then a snake.. 

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2 thoughts on “Threading Beads

  1. Hi I’m new to your blog. I’ve been wanting to get some beads and wooden tray for my kids to do some bead threading. May I know where did you get the beads? Thanks

    • Hi Esther!
      Thanks for your support for Playhood!
      You can get the wooden beads at Spotlight, which is located at Plaza Singapura 🙂 They have different sized ones with different colours too. Each pack of beads costs only $2++ 🙂

      Have fun beading with your kids!
      Feel free to drop any comment or question! 🙂

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