Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See?- Animal Art

Brown bear brown bear what do you see?- A classic favourite with children! Rae has always loved this book & been captivated by the illustrations by Eric Carle. The repetition in the text makes it a great book for children to recite! It is also a great book to teach colours.


I decided to let Rae create her own version by getting to paint the animals using different tools found in the house- cotton buds, cotton balls, sponge, spoon, toys, toothbrush, etc. Rae particularly loves Eric Carle’s signature blue horse! While adding the colours on the animal templates, I introduce the naming of the different colours while she was adding the colours to each animal template. This is a great introductory activity to learning word recognition of colours.

547930_10151596867648534_1099719300_n 45366_10151596867738534_2015987495_n 155675_10151596868143534_780816066_n (1) 549118_10151596868063534_576016516_n 73159_10151596868293534_375902065_n 30582_10151596868588534_1782503636_n 552615_10151596868448534_81211067_n 9989_10151596867558534_1200816454_n 541677_10151596867953534_1569190891_n 72105_10151596868723534_32087561_n 541371_10151596868803534_858123345_n

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