Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? Clothespins to teach colours

To reinforce their word recognition skills, you can create simple matching tools
using clothes pegs!  With a little practice and fun, children will pick up the words in no time!

521618_10151596937508534_1546823036_n   150792_10151596937933534_66283090_n 521919_10151596938353534_1671134192_n 539867_10151596938473534_461422580_n 544873_10151596938128534_1859045468_n 554755_10151596937738534_640613445_n (1) 554990_10151596938048534_162989954_n12333_10151596938703534_1962984433_n

One of my surprises that accompanied this activity was Rae initiating the game of matching the clothespins to the pages of the book! It’s amazing to see our children creating games of their own! Children are especially engaged when the activity is child-directed.

320004_10151596939768534_197880565_n 65684_10151596939958534_1864812229_n 533992_10151596940043534_2096246761_n 48089_10151596939848534_1432836444_n 552697_10151596940118534_548357179_n

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