Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See- Matching Colours to Animals

To teach colours, I got Rae to match the colour names with the illustrations she has created. She loves moving around the big rug searching for the right match!

I also played a game where I recite the book, and for each animal, she goes round with the colour cards to place it on the right animal 🙂

17986_10151596890248534_1006009363_n 20815_10151596889988534_21530359_n 547478_10151596889708534_2139766873_n 553046_10151596890438534_1026420320_n 550281_10151596890038534_422281748_n 165435_10151596890153534_346634500_n 483636_10151596890583534_80215182_n 525284_10151596890848534_1106699403_n

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