Fish Crackers-Counting Game

Snack time need not be boring! Create a counting game with fish crackers! Print out fish tanks and let your child do the counting as she puts one cracker at a time onto the fish tank! You can also use a muffin tray! 

Using the tongs hones your child’s finger grasp skills, and learning to count help build the Math concept of one-to-one correspondence. Plus the gratification from this activity? Your child gets to eat the fish crackers!

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2 thoughts on “Fish Crackers-Counting Game

    • Hi Kaiwen!

      I too searched lots of places for the tongs, so I understand your frustration! 🙂 I got these black tongs from IKEA children’s kitchen set. But you can easily find small tongs at Daiso kitchen section! Or any Japanese dollar shop 😉

      Hope it helps! 🙂
      Have fun!

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