Kitchen Paper Roll- Foam Stickers Printing

What can you do with kitchen towel rolls? Stick some foam stickers on, add a little paint and print on paper! You can choose numbers, letters or objects from an assortment of foam stickers (from Spotlight, craft or gift shops). I love Rae’s look of surprise when the different symbols got ‘rolled out’ on paper! 

This is a great activity for teaching numbers or letters. You can also write the name for each object for word recognition purposes.

946757_10151643152568534_1891813527_n 217112_10151643153243534_223502065_n 225707_10151643155018534_1120709661_n 247064_10151643157073534_198731971_n 247088_10151643156128534_1437928724_n 946538_10151643156608534_2084031678_n 395645_10151643151878534_738492239_n


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