Kitchen Towel Roll- Toss Ring Game

What else can you use kitchen paper roll for? You can create a toss and throw game for your child! Make toss rings by getting your child to paint or decorate paper plates. To make the stand, cut a hole in a paper plate that will fit the kitchen roll.

To add a little purposeful play to this activity, I glued Chinese words that Rae learnt @Berries on the paper plates. The rule of game is she has to read out the words on each plate before she tosses. You can always glue any new vocabulary or sight words that you want to teach your child.

This game is especially engaging as children need to be very focused to aim. It also develops motor skills as the child uses eye-hand coordination as well as large muscles in the act of tossing.

295326_10151643199788534_1884325326_n 317108_10151643200388534_2748545_n 390592_10151643195288534_1078876502_n 600855_10151643201843534_1311582892_n 600983_10151643201203534_423716292_n 922959_10151643198563534_1440401230_n  936166_10151643194803534_599493871_n 941967_10151643196458534_530955835_n

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