Colour Blocks- Matching & Sorting

I made these colour blocks for a friend’s one-year old girl. It is a simple matching and sorting activity where the child simply uses her visual discrimination skills to match the same colour block to the circles on the activity sheet. You can just stick dot sticker labels or use a circle puncher to make the coloured circles to paste on the wooden blocks. You can recycle the play blocks that your child has, or buy these from the craft shops/ Daiso.

Early Childhood Development: Why Colour Recognition is important

Colour recognition is the ability to identify and name basic colours. Colour recognition plays a vital role in object recognition and is a precursor to Language (naming of colours/ adjectives) as well as Math skills (Sorting & Matching)

Colour recognition involves the following skills:

1. Matching: The ability to match similar coloured objects

2. Identifying: The ability to identify a colour when named.

3. Naming: The ability to name a colour when asked.

In this sequence of skills, you can ask a child to first  practice matching the colour blocks to the circles on her own and at the same you say out the name of the colour as she matches. Secondly, proceed to ask the child to pick the colour block when you say out a colour name, and lastly ask the child to name the colour when you point to a colour block. Always observe if the child is ready to move to the next level, and encourage your child lots!

IMG_5859 IMG_5856 IMG_5865

IMG_5867 IMG_5868 IMG_5869

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