Ice Cube Tray With Pom Poms- Colour Matching

Try this creative use to your ice-cube tray! Stick different colour cut-outs and get some pom poms from the art supplies, and you will have a fun activity for your child to learn colour recognition! This is a great hand-on activity that encourages your child to work with colours! To make it more challenging, you can use a tong or spoon to transfer the pom pom which trains your child’s finger grasp and fine motor skills. Pom poms can be found in any craft shop like Spotlight or Daiso.

There are many books out there that teach the concept of colours. Planting A Rainbow is one book I highly recommend. It is a story about planting seeds and how the flowers blossom with bursting colours to make a rainbow garden!


IMG_6132 IMG_6135 IMG_6137IMG_6128IMG_6143download (1)

2 thoughts on “Ice Cube Tray With Pom Poms- Colour Matching

    • Hi!
      You can get the tweezers or tongs from Ikea which sells a set of kitchen cutlery. You can also find it in the kitchen section in Daiso, which comes in white.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

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