Rubik’s Cube- Boggle Game and Colours

I bought this $3 Rubik’s cube from a toy shop at Holland Village and I have been concocting ideas on how to use this classic toy to teach.

Rubik’s cube has been traditionally used to train spatial intelligence. I adapted it into a boggle game by imprinting different letters (consonants and vowels) on it!

Just turn the Rubik’s cube to create a new face of letters and you will have another round of Boggle to play with your kids! 🙂

You can simply use permanent markers to write on the Rubrik’s cube or you can get these labels from Popular which costs only $1.50

IMG_6168 IMG_6170 IMG_6180 3photoIMG_6160

You can also leave the Rubrik’s Cube as it is and use it to teach colours ! Just create a simple activity sheet to teach colour recognition 🙂

IMG_6155 2photo

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