Marbleizing-Shaving cream & Food Colouring

Grab Daddy’s shaving cream! And do marbleizing with it! I adapted this idea from a friend, Stephanie. It’s easy, and so pretty when you swirl the food colouring into the shaving cream! The Marbleizing effects were amazing within seconds! Just use a stir stick to make sure your child’s fingers don’t get stained by the food colouring. Everything can be rinsed off under the tap 🙂

Things you need:
1. Shaving cream or whipped cream
2.Food colouring
3. Stir stick (ice cream stick, chopstick, coffee stirrer)
4. Recycled salad plastic container or any other container
5. Cardboard, paper or paper dollies

What’s more you can create marbled paper by making your print on paper! Just press the cardboard paper gently on the marbled cream. Let it dry for a couple of minutes and scrap the extra cream off the paper to create pretty marbled paper! 🙂






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