Sensory Bin- Shaving Cream

A sensory bin for imaginative play! Just use a stir stick to mix in the food colouring into the shaving cream in the sensory bin! Put in some of your child’s toys like fishes, animals or marine animals and it provides a great avenue for pretend play! You can add in blue colouring (which I ran out!) to create effects of a blue ocean for the fishes or marine animals!

Rae was so engaged in the pretend play with the fishes that she started coming up with her own narrative script of the dialogue of the fishes apparently chasing each other in the fish tank. She became a character in the story plot when she broke out into song ” One Two Three Four Five, Once I caught a fish alive!”. Taking on the role of the fisherman, she turned to me to ask for the fishing rod for her to enact the scene for me. It is no wonder pretend play is great for developing language skills such as narrating, use of contextual vocabulary and weaving stories. 20130526-213214.jpg




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