MOM-ents & Musings- My Rae of Light



IMG_4156 IMG_4153 IMG_4158

Rae woke up one afternoon from her nap and she snuggled up to me and said, ” Mummy, so dark.. I want to see light..” With that, she went to the window and drew the curtains. Within seconds, the room became well-lit and cheery. Bathed in the light, Rae looked like an angel
with her sunkissed face. While snapping photos of her, I felt God telling me when I go though dark times, I just need to be like Rae;
allow the light of His Word to dispel every darkness in our lives. No matter how tough our trials and testings may be, His light will never fail to shine His love forth.

In His light, we see light.

And may we endeavour to teach our children how to shine  in such times of darkness in these last days. May us parents always point them to see Jesus, and  His light shall be a lamp unto their feet as they navigate through life.  I pray my little Rae will always be that Rae of light.


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