Paper plate Jellyfish!!

Rae’s school study on marine animals culminated in a family outing to the newly opened, world-class Marine Life Park in Sentosa. We were captivated by the array of marine species; the crabs, manta rays, dolphins, corals, and countless others.

Rae was particularly mesmerized by the jellyfish species, maybe it’s the luminosity of the appearance, or the way it moves in such a graceful, effortless manner. Two species caught her attention the most- the Japanese Sea Nettle & the Blue bottle Jellyfish! I pointed out the tentacles to her and she immediately mimicked it with the movement of her fingers! I love the look of wonder on her face when I slipped in a Do-you-know fact about jellyfish; that it is able to give out their own light in the deep dark sea (bioluminescent). She further exclaimed ” Mummy, I want to eat the jellyfish!” Ah well, I had to burst the bubble for her by telling her that its sting is poisonous and it’s inedible, she looked wide-eyed at me, almost in utter disbelief 🙂

After our trip, I decided to make a paper plate jellyfish, resembling the one she saw. It’s simple! Just cut a paper plate into half, paint one side with glitter paint (to make it luminous looking), glue strings of crepe paper near the end of the paper plate and staple the two halves of the plates together. Add two eyes and you’re done! It’s a nice hanging art piece from the door knob 🙂

By the way, I’m looking for a picture book about jellyfish! Have you come across any? 🙂







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