Mortar & Pestle- Beans

Using a mortar and pestle to pound contents is an excellent way of teaching them motor skills and concentration. The pestle knob is comfortable for the toddler to hold with the hand grip. It takes a lot of focus, persistence, as well as training of the fine motor skills to master the skill of pounding and grinding. Your child will also learn the cause and effect of the pounding action on brittle, or hard ingredients, and determine how much strength to use.

I decided to let Rae try pounding something harder than eggshells, which are beans. In her first attempt, she realised she couldn’t pound the beans. I then prompted her to do simple problem-solving by asking her what can she do to pound the beans. she replied, “Pound Harder!” And true enough, by exerting more strength, she could see more beans being broken into smaller pieces. I could tell the self-pride in her little achievement there!

IMG_6308 IMG_6310

Scooping the beans with a spoon and transferring them into the mortar without dropping any makes the activity more complex and challenging!

IMG_6313 IMG_6307

Mortars can be found in the supermarket or any cookware store. Otherwise there is a cheap alternative from Daiso shop below:


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