Mortar & Pestle- Pounding Eggshells!

Wondering what to occupy your toddler with when you need to cook in the kitchen or take a breather? Take out your mortar and pestle and let your child be actively involved in this Montessori Practical Life activity! Grind nuts for cooking or salads or biscuits into crumbs for baking! Your child can also be particularly intrigued by the strong fragrance released from grinding of the coffee beans or the herbs from your garden! The kinds of ingredients are endless!

I was cooking an egg dish in the kitchen, and I immediately recalled how children in Rae’s Montessori school pound eggshells!

Rae couldn’t wait to start pounding the moment she saw the eggshells in the mortar. Watching Rae smashing it to smithereens makes it a rewarding experience for her!

photo (10) 17401_10151572174298534_304350734_nphoto

To make the task more challenging, I gave Rae a dish and a spoon for her to do transferring.

She was very meticulous in transferring the smashed eggshells carefully unto a dish without attempting to drop any bits! πŸ™‚

photo (2) photo (1)

Guess what you can do with the eggshells?

You can go sprinkle them into the flower pots and enrich the soil! πŸ™‚

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