10 Reasons Why Daddy is the best!

On this special Fathers’ Day, I love to ponder why my little girl loves her Daddy to bits!

Dedicated to all Daddies out there!

10 reasons why Daddy is the best!


1. Daddy gives me rough and tumble play and throws me on the bed, tickles me non-stop even when mommy says Stop!

2. Daddy ties a towel around my neck and fly me around the house like a superhero and makes me feel omnipotent! (Even I could hardly sit up, walk and let alone, fly!)

3. Daddy lets me sit on his shoulder and asks me to reach and touch the moon! (When no one else tells me I could!)

4. Daddy gives me an ice-cream treat without fussing over the ice-cream smeared all over my face!

5. Daddy buys me a present whenever he comes back from an overseas work trip and kisses me all over to let me know how much he misses me!

6. Daddy cooks up funny stories just to make me eat my vegetables, put on a blue dress (not pink!) and brush my teeth.

7. Daddy buys me my first Lego set, my first bike and possibly my first pint of beer :9

8. Daddy is the only one smiling at me in the crowd ( & still think I rock when even when I forget all my moves during my first school concert!)

9. Daddy is my biggest fan when I make him sit down and listen to songs I made up!

10. Daddy prays for me every night and tells me I’m the best! 🙂

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