The Dot Method for Teaching Numbers

One of the ways of learning the concept of quantity for numbers is the dot method, which originated from Glenn Doman. According to them, children have the innate ability to identify the quantity by sight. Using the Dot Method such as Dot flashcards can strengthen your child’s ability to perceive actual numbers by sight. (Though I believe it is also important to use one-to-one correspondence when counting quantity of objects).

You can do rote counting showing the dot flashcards and then ask the child to match the number number to the dot cards.

Or you can make your own, using index cards and dot stickers (available from Popular Bookstore)

Dice2photo dotphoto

To reinforce the dot method, you can paste dot labels on disposable paper plates, and each plate has increasing number of dots from 1-10.

I got Rae to count the number of dots, say out the number and place the beads one by one on the dots to match.

IMG_6510 IMG_6513 IMG_6514 IMG_6525

Other than using beads, you can use poms poms, flat marbles ( which won’t roll away!), small pebbles, beans or other counters that you have!

IMG_6520 IMG_6517 IMG_6523

This matching activity actually prepares your child to learn one-to-one correspondence which is an important Math skill for counting.

IMG_6565 IMG_6563

After you observed your child has given sufficient practice with the games above, you can then use the different paper plates and ask your child to estimate the number of dots on the plates.

With lots of practice, your child will be able to perceive exact quantity of dots in no time! 🙂

Suitable for 20-36 months

5 thoughts on “The Dot Method for Teaching Numbers

  1. Hi,

    Tks for all the wonderful, interesting and fun ideas that you’ve shared through your blog.

    I have a 19 mth old boy and am planning on trying some of the ideas you’ve shared.

    Could I check what kind of paint do you use? Where can I buy them from?

    Tks and look forward o more posts from your blog!

    Warmest Regards, Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca!

      Thank you for showing your support for Playhood! It sure means a lot! 🙂

      For the paints, I get my supplies from various places in Singapore. You can find them at Art Friend, Mothercare, Toy R us, Mothersworks, ELC & Popular. Some of the popular brands are Melissa & Doug, Giotto, Crayola, Clag and Graphicolor. For your boy’s age you may want to look for non-toxic ones which are stated on the labels (e.g Graphicolor from Art Friend or Clag from
      popular bookstore). If you are more particular about not staining your furniture, then go for the washable ones like Crayola and Melissa & Doug 🙂

      Hope this helps! And have fun painting with your toddler!
      Children that age love exploring finger painting as well as painting with thick brushes! Or any other tools you can find in the house like sponges, toothbrush, spoons 🙂

      Feel free to drop us any comment or question!
      Warm regards! 🙂

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