Haze! 20 ideas for indoor activities at home!

The haze is here.. Time to stay indoors and have some fun at home!

Here is a list of 20 activities you can try out with your little ones! And have loads of fun, even when it’s all hazy & gloomy outside!

1. Water Play

Well, it looks like going to the swimming pool is not a good idea with the haze. Your child doesn’t have to feel deprived! Just create a water play area in the bathtub and throw in some water toys! For Rae, I created a game where she scoops up floating Ping Pong Balls with the shovel as fast as she can! 🙂

IMG_6658 IMG_6672

2. Play Dough /strong>

There is endless fun with play dough, sculpting the dough into anything your child can dream up!


3. Get a pet!

This can be the time to get the pet your child has always wanted! Go assemble a fish tank using pebbles, water plants, and let some lovely guppies or terrapins inhabit it! Your child can have fun learning about pets, as well as learn how to be responsible taking care of the pet!


4. Plant a seed!

This is easiest science lesson you can create at home about plants! Plant a seed, let your child water it everyday and watch it grow!

5. Crafts & Painting!

Art has got to be Rae’s favourite activities! Present your child with open-ended art materials you can find at home, such as paper plates, paints, glue, scrap paper, tissue boxes, tape and see what your child can create with them!


6. Block or Lego Play

Another great idea for constructive play! Use your imagination and start building!

IMG_6677 IMG_6682

7. Scavenger Hunt

Write down some clues on post-it notes and ask your child to start searching for the items! It will spark off great excitement in your children as they scramble around the house looking for the items!

8. Bake

Children derive great gratification from baking! Involve the child in making the dough, using cookie cutters, add the toppings and let them watch how they are baked in the oven! And the most irresistible part? Savouring their homemade cookies!! 🙂

Try using the pounded nuts for a pastry- chocolate tartlets!

9. Montessori Sensory Play

Just throw in some toy cars/animals and some sand/beans/penne pasta into a container or bin and watch your child do pretend play with them!

10. Cook!

Cook a simple meal with your child! Help them put on an apron and a chef hat. Involve them in the cutting of the vegetables or fruits using a butter knife. Make them feel like a junior iron chef!

4photo photo

11. Have a picnic at home!

Lay out a picnic mat and some picnic food in a basket and enjoy tea time or snack time with your child! Right at home!


12. Teach your child games you used to play!

Take your child down your memory lane by playing some nostaglic games you used to play when you were young! Hopscotch, five stones, happy family cards, etc!

13. Camp at Home!

Set up a tent, and put in some sleeping pillows and have a pillow fight in there! Or use the torchlight for some adventure in the dark!

14. Cardboard Box play!

Recycle all the cereal boxes and other cardboard boxes and do constructive play with your child! Make a train, house or even a zoo!

15. Make popcorn and watch a movie together!
Your child will love to make his or her own popcorn and have a movie date with you!

16. Play Dress up!

Take out all the old accessories like hats, gloves, scarves or boots and dress up to be a character!

17. Board Games!

This is one family fun activity that never gets boring! Take out your junior Monopoly game, Pictionary, Boggle, Uno, whatever!

18. Puzzles

Another classic game to play! Completing a puzzle together somehow is a very bonding activity to do with your child! Plus it trains patience and perseverance!

19. Create an art gallery at home!

Take out all the art pieces your child has done in school and put them up like in an art gallery. Ask your child to take you on a tour in his very own art gallery by talking about how it was created, and what ideas it represent! It sure will make your child feel proud!

IMG_6683 IMG_6684

20. Create indoor gym!

You can create your indoor gym at home! Just create an obstacle course with tunnels, little stools, bean bags, hoola hoops! Or pour in lots of plastic balls into the cot and let your child roll in them!


One thought on “Haze! 20 ideas for indoor activities at home!

  1. Hey Lynn, I’m SueAnn from The New Paper, and we’re doing a feature on what people have been doing to entertain themselves and their children, as well as how the haze has forced families to bond and spend time together. Do you have any such stories to share? As well as pictures of the activities you did with your daughter? Please do contact me at sueannc@sph.com.sg or 63195391. Thanks.

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