Dot Method Part 2- Playdough and Sticker Dot book

As mentioned in an earlier post on the Dot Method, one of the ways of learning the concept of quantity for numbers is the dot method. This method teaches children to use their visual perception to identify quantity of objects by sight.

1. Play Dough & Buttons

As a follow-up on the using the Dot Method to develop perception of quantity by sight, I prepared a learning tray where Rae gets to interact with play dough and buttons.

IMG_6532  IMG_6535   IMG_6536      Dice2photo - Copy

You can use the dot cards and ask your child to create the same dot pattern by pressing the buttons on the play dough

2. Sticker Dot Book

Another fun activity to get your child to get familiar with identifying quantity of objects by sight is this hands-on activity of creating her very own Sticker Dot book. You can ask your child to use sticker dots, or other kinds of stickers such as foam stickers to create a  dot book.  Stick the number of stickers according to the number shown on each page. When the book is completed, you can use the book to go through with the child, so as to reinforce the dot method. It is also perfectly alright if your child prefers to use one-to-one correspondence method to count the number of stickers on each number page. Rae loves pointing out the numbers and counting in this number book she has created!

IMG_6526        IMG_6527           IMG_6528

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