Rock Dominoes- Addition & Number bonds

Following our post on the Dot Method to perceive quantity by sight, I stumbled upon this idea of making Rock Dominoes in a Martha Stewart Craft site, and I straightway started brewing ideas on how to use these lovely handmade rock dominoes to teach Math.

Making the rock dominoes is easy! Just collect some rocks or smooth pebbles, and use a correction ink pen to inscribe the dots on the rocks.


Make a collection of rocks, with combinations of two quantities on either half of the rocks, with a dividing line. Get your child to recognise the quantity by sight. If your child is not sure, you can get them to check by counting the dots one by one on each side.

IMG_6723 IMG_6733

To get your child to learn number bonds, ask your child to identify the two quantities on the rock. Then pair them up with the dot cards according to the exact quantities on the rock.

IMG_6725 IMG_6739

Then ask your child to count all the dots on the two dot cards, to give you a sum total. You can prompt your child by asking ” How many dots are there altogether?”

IMG_6771 IMG_6769

To conclude this practice, make number bonds statements like ” 3 and 4 make 7″, or addition sentence ” 3 plus 4 equals 7″. For older children, get them to write down the addition sentence 3 +4 =7

The rock dominoes and the dot cards are great visual aids to help your child grasp concepts of number bonds and addition. This approach also helps your child to understand the part-whole relationship in addition concepts.

Now go and rock it! 🙂


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