Bubble Wrap Print with Fish Stensil

Rae was learning a lot about fishes in her school thematic unit about marine life. She was eagerly telling me about the different parts of a fish, how fishes are caught with the fishing rods and nets, and how dangerous some species of fishes can be.

Tapping on her deep interest in fishes, we went on a picture book hunt in Takashimaya. We picked up different titles related to fishes, and Rae was particularly drawn to the Dr Seuss’ ones as I read to her. I believe the rhyme and the catchy rhythm of the text appealed to her. One fish, Two fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is one Dr Seuss Classic which is greatly loved by children!

IMG (2)

Another favourite with kids that has evolved into a series is The Rainbow Fish. It is a heartwarming tale about how a fish who is self-engrossed, learns the lesson of sharing and eventually became a great giver. The shimmery, shiny fish scale that runs through the pages of the book captures a child’s attention throughout the entire book.


After reading books related to fishes, I decided to embark on book-based craft activity by creating fish patterns on paper. First I cut out a couple of fish shapes to use as stensils, and use glue tape to position them temporarily on the paper.

To create the effects of a net, I decided to make bubble wrap print. It’s easy! Just spread some paint on the bubble wrap using a paintbrush or spoon, and flip it over, press and make the prints!

IMG_6343 IMG_6323 IMG_6326

After you covered the paper entirely with bubble wrap prints, gently peel off the fish stensils and there you have the fish patterns!

IMG_6381 IMG_6375

Don’t they look like fishes caught in a net?


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