Dice Game to teach numbers and addition

To continue the series of using the Dot Method to teach quantity, this post is on using dices to match the quantity with the correct numbers.

You just need to place a few dices in a jar, and some number cards, and you are ready to play the game!

IMG_6463           IMG_6462

To start the game, I got Rae to toss one dice and identify the quantity shown on the face of the dice. Then she has to match the dice to the correct number card. She continues tossing one dice at a time, and repeats the matching.

To challenge her thinking further, when she finishes tossing and matching the dices with the number cards, I got her to look at the cards and dices, and asked her which number has the most number of dices that matched. She took a while to decide which number card has the maximum number of dices, but when she finally exclaimed it was number card Three, I was beaming with pride at my little girl’s milestone of understanding the math concept of comparison. There! The joy of being involved with my child’s learning! 🙂

IMG_6457       IMG_6571        IMG_6575

Number bonds for more advanced learners

To teach number bonds for more advanced learners, just shake two dices in a little jar, and ask them to identify the two quantities shown.

Get them to count the total number of dots shown on both dices, or ask them to do mental addition of the two numbers. Then match the sum total number to the correct number card. You can also introduce number bonds statements “One and Five Make Six”, or addition sentences like 4 + 3 = 7

I remembered using this method to teach addition and number to my class of 6-year olds, and it was an engaging game especially in a small group of children in class. They took turns to shake the dices in the jar, and they did mutual checks on each other’s answers. As a teacher, I couldn’t be happier, when I see my pupils enjoy applying the concepts in a game.

I also remembered one pupil being ingenious when he suggested using the dices in a jar for a game of snakes and ladders! How creative! 🙂

IMG_6460          IMG_6574             IMG_6577

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