National Day Flag

Rae came home early this week and informed me she can bring a Singapore Flag the next day to do show and tell on it! I immediately thought of making our national flag with her 🙂

We started our little project by decorating half of the drawing paper red, using red ice-cream sticks, and colouring it red with crayons. I seized the teaching moment to ask her about the colours in our national flag.



Next, I cut some red paper and had Rae paste them on the red coloured portion. She was happily occupied for 15 mins! Pasting paper seems to be her new favourite art interest for now.



To complete the national flag, Daddy painstakingly cut out a crescent moon and five small stars. He then showed Rae a photo of Singapore flag and guided her where to position the moon and stars accordingly. In the process, Rae learnt to count the number of moon and stars, as well point to the left, right, top, bottom parts of the flag.


To showcase her flag, we used clothes hanger, which makes it easy for display at the door knob or hook! Rae was so happy with her finished product. Now she’s ready for her show and tell!


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