Making a book of shapes!

We have been reading books on shapes and as an extension of the activities on shapes, I decided to help my girl create her own book of shapes.

Preparing the Materials

To create the book, I first cut out the stencils for the different shapes like circle, triangle, star, etc.


To make the template for the book, I simply folded three A4 papers into half, and stapled along the folded line.

Printing the shapes

To print the shape on each page, we used a sponge and dabbed some paint on the stencil. Then lift up the stencil and the shape is molded on the paper!

IMG_7679        IMG_7686

Once she mastered the technique of printing the shapes with her sponge, she was fully engaged printing each different shape for each page. This simple activity reinforced her concepts of shapes, and provided opportunities to train her hand-eye coordination when printing the shapes with paint. She also needed to have steady hands and concentration in order for her to print the shape out with precision.

IMG_7689       IMG_7702     IMG_7706

This is the finished product of the learning process! My girl’s very own book of shapes compiled! She took so much pride in it that she read out her little book to her Daddy the moment he reached home. It was such a gratifying moment for me seeing my girl enjoying learning about shapes, and sharing the joy with others.


SNAP Game!

As for the stencils that were used after the art activity, you can reuse them to be like deck cards for a simple game of naming of the shapes! You can use it as a snap game!

Choose a shape, lay out the cards on a deck one by one, and ask your child to snap the correct shape!


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