10 Fantastic Activity Ideas on Shapes!

We came up with a list of 10 wonderful activities to get your child excited about learning about shapes! Get ready to Shape-up!

For more detailed description of some of the activities, click on the titles.

1. Matching shapes with Velcro

Create this simple matching activity with velcro. Your child will love the hands-on experience of matching the shapes and learning about the names.

IMG_7721 IMG_7650

2. Making A Book Of Shapes

Create this little artbook by using sponge and paint to print on the shape stencils! Your child will love making her own book of shapes! She will be reading out the names of the shapes from her own book in no time!

IMG_7679 IMG_8108

3. Step on Shapes!

Print out shapes and paste them with tape on your floor. Play a little game with that! Read out the name of a shape and ask your child to step on it, put her nose on it, press on it, sit on it with each different shape being called out! You can also hand out the names of shapes on cards and ask your child to match it with the correct shape!

Your little kinesthetic learner will love this physical, fun activity!

IMG_8058 IMG_8062 IMG_8091

4. Printing Shapes Using Play Blocks!

Do you have blocks at home? Try using them to print shapes on a carton box and create a masterpiece of shapes! They get to learn about shapes on different surface areas for each 3-Dimensional shape. It sharpens their observation skills for recognising shapes on objects.

IMG_7760 IMG_7780

5. Matching Shapes using Ice-cream Sticks on Ice-cube Trays

This is an extremely fun activity for my child to learn word recognition! You just need an ice-cube tray, ice-cream sticks and play dough and you are ready to go! Your preschooler will be occupied with this activity for many minutes!

IMG_7862 IMG_7850

6. Read Books about shapes

Reading books is a marvelous way of introducing shapes to your child! There are many board books and picture books on shapes out in the bookstores and the public library! Check out our favourite titles below!

20130914-140347.jpg 20130914-140412.jpg 20130914-140435.jpg

7. Toilet Paper Roll Printing

This activity is so fun and educational! Just create shapes like circle, oval, heart or triangle with the toilet paper rolls, put some paint and your preschooler will be very happy making shape prints all over a canvas or paper!

559931_10151530805678534_424884981_n 199072_10151530805983534_1433573512_n

8. Scavenger Hunt!

Play this interactive game that will send your child seeking for shapes all over the house! Show your child or read out the name of a shape on a card, and ask your child to look around her room for the same shape. This sharpens her observations and heightens her awareness of shapes in her real environment!


9. Play Dough and Cookie Cutters!

Toddlers and preschoolers will never tire of playing with this malleable material! Just take some cookie cutters with different shapes, and they will be engrossed making the shapes, and learning about them!

IMG_7925 IMG_7965

10. Make you own Shape with Ice-cream Sticks!

Create opportunities for your child to create her own shape using ice-cream sticks! This open-ended construction activity will allow your child to play with shapes and familarise herself with properties of different shapes like the corners and the sides.

Well, have fun exploring about shapes with your little one! Make it fun and learning becomes effortless!





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