Lessons to learn from Disney Princesses


My little girl is so obsessed with Disney Princesses now! She draped herself with a towel around her head to pretend she is the divine Rapunzel with long, endless golden hair. She adorns herself with glittery jewellery and parades herself in front of the mirror.  She curtsies and smiles the sweetest smile, coupled with a hand wave that typifies the manners of royalty. I realised that every little girl dreams to be a princess. The Disney fairy tales that heralds the victorious stories and glories of Princesses have painted them to carry the picture of beauty and attractiveness. Much as I want my girl to love the idea she is a princess, I want her to discover that a true princess has virtues and character traits that are more lasting and enduring than merely outward beauty.

But most of it all, I tell my little girl, she is always beautiful and accepted in God’s eyes, and Mummy and Daddy will always believe in her. We affirm her she has so much to give to the world, because God has bestowed to her so many gifts and talents.


And so, in our journey on reading about Disney Princesses, I have endeavored to impart these lessons for each Princess:

Snow White

Friendship can come in unexpected places, and from unexpected people. Jealousy and envy always leads to trouble.


We are all familiar with the predicament of Cinderella who had to bear with the abuse and ill-treatment of her step-sisters and step-mother. Remind your child about Cindrella’s virtues of patience and long-suffering, and how dreams do come true for those who wait and hope for the best.


Point to her passion for books and reading. Look beyond first impressions and look for the best in people, especially those who seemingly are not well-loved and accepted.


Be  adventurous enough to venture out to the unknown world. In being courageous to explore, you learn who you really are.


She represents Asian virtues of sacrifice and filial piety. Highlight how she risks her life to save her father and eventually thousands in China. Her relentless courage and bravery makes her realise she can achieve more than she thinks. Don’t let others dictate what you can or cannot do.



Aurora is the Sleeping Beauty who seems to be the victim of  circumstances. However despite all odds, the good always triumphs over evil, and love always conquers.


My personal favourite is Ariel. Not just for her musical singing talent, she has the passion to pursue her wildest dreams. Assure your child not to afraid of the unknown, have faith to step out and discover who you can be. You never know where your little adventure will take you!


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