Creativity Jar!

Any special events or celebrations coming round the corner? For us, October is the month we celebrate my little girl’s birthday and Children’s Day too!

Instead of heading to the candy store to buy goodies, why not create your own gift that promotes children’s creativity?

We call it our “Creativity Jar”!

IMG_8162     IMG_8172

The wonder of this little creativity jar is that it provides children with open-ended art supplies which stimulates thinking and imagination, as there is no expected or dictated finished product they must produce. Children are free to explore the materials, the textures and their functionality to create something that is original and ingenious- one of a kind. Children get to express their ideas and feelings through the process of play and creative art-making. According to Vygotsky, these forms of creative expression are important ways that children and adults express themselves, learn, and grow.

The possibilities are endless for children to construct; they can make a smiley face, a flower, a necklace, a train track, a building, a yummy meal or anything they can think of!

Here, my little girl embarked on her little project of creating a flower!

IMG_8177      IMG_8178

Things that can be included in the jar:

Poms Poms

Glitter Glue


Play Dough

Cookie cutter/ molds

Clothes pegs

Colouring pen


Penne pasta

or basically anything!!

IMG_8175     IMG_8174

Tips on using open-ended materials with children:

1. Refrain from fixing or altering their work

2. Don’t dictate to a child what to create.

3. Be encouraging. Ask questions about what they are creating and give prompting questions to guide them in the process. Instead of asking ” What are you making?”, ask open-ended questions like “Tell me what you are making.”

4. Talk about the texture, colour, shape, smell of the materials, and help them describe the experience.

5. Give them ample time to explore and create. Leave it there for the children to re-visit it and provide more materials for them to ‘add on’ to their creation.

Let our children create and explore through play!

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