Rolling Balls

Rolling Balls on paint

Materials needed:

1. Marbles or balls
2. Plastic or disposable container
3. Paints
4. Box or Photocopying paper box cover
5. Paper

IMG_4856 IMG_4861

How to create the art piece!

1. Put paints of different colours in the container.
2. Put the balls in and roll them around so they are coated with paint.
3. Position the paper in the box.
4. Place the balls in, tilt the box up and down and roll the balls on the paper in different directions to create the artwork!

IMG_8183 IMG_8190 IMG_8203

My little girl was so fascinated by the colour prints the balls created on the paper, with streaks of different colours running through. She also learned to manipulate the box like tilting it to get the balls rolling from left to right, top to bottom. Exploring with balls of different sizes has also got her making a discovery of different patterns and how the thickness of the lines correlated with the size of the balls.


This activity is easy and fun and is sure to spellbound your child!
Go and let your child have a ball of a time!

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