Making Olaf, the Snowman from Frozen

My little one was so tickled by the character, Olaf, who was a snowman that was hilarious in the latest Disney hit, Frozen. Upon watching the movie, she has been asking me to build a snowman just like Olaf.

Well, it doesn’t snow in Singapore, so I had to be real creative to make her little dream come true!

FROZN_014M_G_ENG-GB_70x100.indd   Olaf-frozen-34882894-768-1024

The Snowman Making Tray

I prepared the following materials and placed them nicely on a paint palette!

1. Round Cotton swaps

2. Little Twigs

3. Raisins or black beans

4. Eyes

5. Nose cut-outs with orange paper


Creating the Snowman

My little preschooler couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw the tray. She was over the moon when I told her she was finally going to make a snowman. She exclaimed,” Hooray!” She got started by first listening to my instruction of using the cotton pads to make the body of the snowman. Then without further instructions, she started placing the eyes and in the face. I asked her what was missing from the face, and she said, ” The nose!” She made the observation that the nose was very pointed like a witch.

IMG_9040       IMG_9045

She then used the raisins and put them on the body as buttons. She counted the buttons, using one-to-one correspondence on her own. I then prompted her, ” What else is missing from the snowman?” She looked at the palette and noticed she had not used the twigs. With much joy, she quickly completed the snowman by using twigs to make hands. She was so proud of her creation that she said, “I want to show Daddy my snowman!”

IMG_9050      IMG_9054

This is a great activity for children for creativity! With a little prompting and leading questions, children often make their little creations effortlessly with imagination. The teachable points along the way was enriching as well! Such as learning to count, naming the body parts as well as comparative language such as ‘shor’ or ‘long’ ’round’ ‘thin’.

It certainly is an awesome activity for us who don’t have snow her for Christmas! With a little creativity, our little ones won’t miss out on a ‘white’ Christmas!

IMG_9034    IMG_9036     IMG_9037


Painting on Aluminium Foil & Cardboard Box

This week, given its a rainy season and we are kept indoors, we started exploring painting with different mediums and with different materials. First material that got my little preschooler girl curious was playing with aluminium foil. Her initia observation of the foil was that it is shiny and silver in colour. It is also easily manipulated and malleable with the fingers. When I told her that we were going to paint on it, her eyes opened wide with curiosity as she had never tried it before!

Upon using the paint brush to dab some paint on the foil, she quickly took to the painting and started mixing colours on her own and creating a collage of colours across the foil material. She also started using her imagination and drafted different pictures such as rainbow, castle and princess. It became her little canvas for her to create different images of her own imagination!

IMG_8810    IMG_8811


Another little art activity we embarked on was painting on the cardboard box with a little sponge roller. It was a great activity to engage my little one while she touched up the dull boxes with strokes of vibrant colours! She insisted she wanted to recycle her new masterpiece into her jewellery box for all her accessories. I was elated that the idea of recycling came from her and it was a great opportunity for her to learn about recycling!

IMG_8824     IMG_8819