A Brand New Me! New Year resolutions

A brand new year has arrived! Fresh start fresh beginnings!


For our little ones, what are our thoughts and resolutions for them? What vision do we have for them in terms of character growth and development?

Character development is important and crucial in the formative years. For most of us, our values and dispositions are shaped by our upbringing and what our parents emphasized growing up. Young children are very easily influenced by the examples showed by parents and peers.

For my 3-year old preschooler, there were certainly character traits that she has grown and matured in for the past year… like learning to be more independent and responsible over her belongings. I sought to applaud and celebrate her little successes and commendable efforts, with praises, hugs and rewards. For this coming year, I believe that we can envision a ‘better me’ for our little ones. More importantly than academic and cognitive milestones, we can help them develop our children socially and holistically.

For this, I created a door hanger with clothes pegs to signify each character trait or virtue  that she wants to develop in. It serves as a visual reminder for them!

IMG_9067     IMG_9073

Remember to unpack what each value means in terms of action and thoughts! For example: Being patient means having to wait your turn and sometimes having your request fulfilled at a later time and date. Taking good care of yourself means keeping yourself clean and healthy ( brushing your teeth, bathing before bed, eating well).

IMG_9075    IMG_9074

Tips on reiterating the values:
1. Model exemplary behaviour for your child. Parents are great models for children!
2. Be quick to catch them doing right!
3. Shower them with praise, hugs and rewards! A little goes a long way and certainly helps to reinforce the positive behaviour!
4. Use visual aids like door hanger or poster to communicate the values to them.
5. Use teachable moments as opportunities to help them apply the values in real situations!

It does take a lot of patience and consistency to emphasize and inculcate good values in our little ones (I know its not easy!)

But it definitely pays off seeing them blossom and flourish into children with good character! Let this be our little resolution and vision as parents this year too!

Blessed new year! Have a great year ahead, everyone! 🙂

Lynn 🙂

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