Printing Circles to Make Lollipop!

To make the circle prints, I decided to recycle some of the plastic cups and toy cups lying around in the house. I intentionally chose cups of different sizes to create learning opportunity of comparing size for my preschooler. After the art materials were set up, my curious 3-year old girl was raring to do some creative printing!



Exploring Shapes and Sizes

While doing the printing of the circles, she used adjectives like, ” big”, “small”, “colourful” to describe the circles. She also realised that the smaller circle will always fit inside the bigger circle, which is part of her picking up concepts of spatial awareness. As for the bottle cap, she instinctively placed it inside the smaller circle. and she almost immediately exclaimed, “Look Mummy! The circles are big, bigger. biggest!” I was gleaming with pride!

IMG_9284 IMG_9292


Upon seeing the complete circles artwork, she was reminded of lollipops! She excitedly requested for a paintbrush because she wanted to create a lollipop! With a stroke of a brush, she transformed the circle prints into something of her own imagination. I was awed once again at the spontaneity and creativity from a little child!

IMG_9295 IMG_9299 IMG_9306

Why not try exploring this simple art activity with your own little artist at home and see what they can come up with!



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