10 Kids’ Craft from Recycled Materials!

Wondering how to ignite creativity in your child? Making recycled art is one of the wonderful ways of nurturing creativity as well as imparting values such as care for the environment.

The kids will be surprised to see for themselves what kind of things they can create out of everyday ‘junk’! Using simple discarded materials help them to reinvent and rethink how they can be re-used and re-created to morph into art masterpieces beyond their imagination.

I started this project with my class of 6 year-olds. We were doing thematic activities based on neighbourhood, and the children brainstormed on different vehicles and buildings. It was a take-home project where the children get to create the models with their parents. The collaboration between parent and child was strong, stemming from a joint discussion on what to make, and what materials were most suitable as well as the process of creating art. Some children take the cue from their parents and they embarked on this wonderful learning process of creating their final product.

Here I showcase some of their brilliant work! Enjoy the creativity!

1. Trains


2. Tank


3. Houses

IMG_9390   IMG_9394  IMG_9405




5. Rocket



6. Digger



7. Buses


8. Racing Cars

IMG_9409   IMG_9413

9.  Ship

IMG_9420   IMG_9421

10. Van





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