Snowflake Ornament

Tying in with the Frozen Movie craze, my gal has been fascinated with the idea of snow despite our hot humid weather all year round.

I thought why not let her experience deeper with the concept of snow by making a snowflake ornament, with the colour theme blue, so as to add to her Frozen props for role-play!

IMG_9495   IMG_9487

For this simple craft idea, you only need:

1. Ice-cream sticks

2. Glue

3. Embellishments such as spangles, glitter, adhesive gemstones, buttons or glitter glue, etc

4. Ribbons

IMG_9477     IMG_9464

First, just glue the ice-cream sticks together diagonally to form the snowflake

Then, embellish and decorate it by sticking or pasting spangles, gemstones or buttons to create the blue and white  theme for the snowflake!


Add pattern on it by using glitter glue to draw on it! you can also use glue and sprinkle glitter powder on it!

IMG_9478    IMG_9480

Lastly, just add a ribbon to hang the ornament, and it will look so lovely by the window!

IMG_9486   IMG_9488  IMG_9489



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