About Me

Hi, I’m Lynn. I am a happy mother who is deeply passionate about educating my own preschooler at home in Singapore. I have been an educator for more than 17 years, and my passion for early childhood has spurred me to pursue a Master of Early Childhood in Macquarie University, Sydney. It was over in Australia that I was greatly inspired by best practices like Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Project Approach, etc. It has drastically changed my view of children and how children learn. Now I apply the principles at home with my little girl, and I derive immense joy and satisfaction seeing her learn through play. I believe that every child is a gift from God, and He has empowered us with His grace to influence and shape these little ones for His Glory.

About Playhood


Playhood is a place where ideas are bred to make learning fun for children. We want to bring the ‘play’ element back into our children’s childhood, hence the name “Playhood”. It started with a burning desire to share my ideas with fellow moms on Facebook, and I have been so blessed seeing parents bonding and learning with their children through these activities. The common remark has been, “I didn’t know that it can be so easy and cheap, yet so fun and educational for my child!” And so, with some encouragement from friends (and my ever-supportive husband!), I have decided to embark on creating this space for you. With your support, I hope it will morph into a dynamic place where parents and educators draw and share ideas on how to make learning fun for their children.

Let’s bring play back into their childhood- Together!



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  1. Hi there, I’m sorry, I just realised you had almost 2000 followers! How come when I checked in “blogs I follow” it said you had less than 200… Humm, was wondering about that actually, since you have such a great blog. Ok, just ignore my Liebster award comment then!

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