Crayon Rocks!

Have you seen these crayon rocks before? When my sister in law brought these back from an overseas trip for my girl, I was smitten with its vibrant colours, how child-friendly it is and its uniqueness! It makes any curious child want to grip one of these rocks and start drawing!

Do you know that these crayon rocks are all natural soy wax crayons made from USA grown soybeans and colored with mineral pigments?

There are many reasons why these crayon rocks make great colouring tools for your child:
1.The colours are attractive and vibrant, and can be used on almost any colouring surface such as paper and canvas.

2. They are designed to develop fine motor skills, in particular the tripod grip muscles, and prepare your child’s fingers for writing

3. The shape allows small fingers to color in large, wide strokes creating rich colours and textures.

4. It is nicely packaged in a recycled paper box which makes it handy for you to bring it along for any drawing activity.


Rae’s drawing experience with the crayon rocks

She started with the red crayon rock and her fingers fitted into the groove without much effort or coaching from me. She drew broad, bold lines across the canvas, creating rich colours on the canvas material. The colours don’t smudge at all, which also makes it mess-free and easy to use. After experimenting with the use of the rocks, she enthusiastically played with the other crayon rocks to add colour to her creation. I asked her what she was drawing, she said, ” The cross.” Almost symbolically, she added red strokes to the blue cross, which symbolises God’s sacrifice to me.

IMG_7816       IMG_7827                IMG_7814

Without much hesitation after finishing the cross, she continued with a rainbow in the sky. I thought maybe the array of bright colours in the crayons reminded her of the colours in the rainbow! I helped her recall the sequence of colours in the rainbow, and it also incidentally turned into a teachable moment to teach her colour recognition.

IMG_7821        IMG_7826            IMG_7833

Look at Rae’s masterpiece! Prefect for a birthday gift for an Aunty! I titled it ” The Cross and God’s rainbow!”

These crayon rocks ROCK!!!


Where to get the Crayon rocks

Motherswork, Great World City

Note to readers: This product review is strictly my personal opinion and I am not paid in any way to write this review.