Matching Velcro Shapes

This is one of the activities I have planned out for this week of teaching shapes. She knew how to recognise basic shapes, and this is one of the introductory lessons to reinforce her concept of shapes, as well as expose her to print words of the names of shapes.

This simple activity develops these skills in your child:

1. Matching

2. Organisational skill

3. Visual Tracing

4. Shape recognition

5. Fine motor skills like Hand-eye coordination

To prepare the learning set, I printed out basic shapes like triangle, square, circle, heart,etc. I chose the same colour for every shape, so as to minimise unnecessary distraction for the learner since the focus here is on the concept of shapes. Then I cut out pieces of velcro and attached it to the shapes. You can buy velcro tape from Popular Bookstore or any local stationery store.

IMG_7721 IMG_7723

For presentation and storage, I placed all the loose shapes cut-outs in a separate tray by the side of the matching sheet.


To begin, I presented the matching shapes to my girl, and read out the names of the shapes to her. For each shape, I asked her to point to the shape that was being read out. This is to reinforce her skill of shape recognition.

IMG_7643           IMG_7641

After recognising the shapes, I then repeated the process by reading out the name and asking her to find the same shape to match. She loves searching for the right shape from the side tray, as if its a hide-and-seek game for her! When she found the shape she was looking for, she enthusiastically matched it to the same shape on the learning sheet. While matching the crescent shape, she remarked, “Mummy, this is the same as the crescent on the Singapore flag!” I was pleasantly elated that she could recall the shapes found on our national flag, which goes to show her awareness of shapes in the environment around her.

IMG_7648         IMG_7650

After practicing two rounds of matching, she was able to interact with the learning materials independently. One of her delights doing this activity is creating the sound of the velcro being torn apart! Something that I love myself when I was a kid too!


This is just another great example that I found online on creating materials that are fun and inexpensive!