Communication Pack for Development of Positive Values

Why is it important to get parents to communicate the importance of positive values to children

As a classroom teacher, I love it at the start of a new year, I get to inherit a fresh class of new children to impact and influence. I place a lot of emphasis on character development as part of classroom management. I always give a simple analogy to my class that good character is like getting the first button right when you get dressed. Once the first button is right, everything else like academic excellence and positive attitude will fall in place!

It is also pertinent that positive values that are taught in school is also
Emphasized and practiced at home as well. That way, consistency and congruency is established between home and school. You also get parents to be on the same page as you!

For communication purpose, I have prepared a small take-home pack with a communication slip for parents to discuss with their children. Each object represents a positive value and acts as a visual reminder for children. It may also be hard for children to fully comprehend abstract concepts like love, kindness or motivation. So I wrote in pointers for parents to unpack the meaning and help them see how it looks like in action, thought and behaviour.

Communication Pack:


Each object represents positive values or behaviour.

1.  Styrofoam Heart– Love and respect oneself and others

2.  ABC/123 stamp– Give your best in learning.

3. Paper Clip– Be creative and learn to problem-solve.

4. Pencil– Be diligent and hardworking

You may use these objects to discuss and unpack the meaning of each value with your child.

  1. 1.    Love and respect oneself and others (Heart)                                                                                                                                                                                                      IMG_9116

–       Take good care of yourself and your personal hygiene

–       Do to others what you like others do to you

–       Be kind and help others

–       Respect and obey teachers. Greet and listen to your teachers.

2.    Give your best in learning (ABC Foam)


–       Pay full attention to the teacher and learn well in class

–       Be neat and tidy in your work

–       Check your work after completion

–       Set small goals for yourself to achieve

3.    Be creative and learn to problem-solve (Papaer Clip: Get the child to create shapes and animals with the paper clips!)


–       Learn to be independent and do tasks on your own

–       Use your thinking to solve problems

–       Don’t be afraid to fail and try again

–       Be resilient and learn from your mistakes

4.    Be diligent and hardworking (Pencil) 


–       Finish your work on time.

–       Do not talk or distract yourself with other objects during lesson

–       Be consistent in handing in homework on time

–       Learn your spelling well and prepare well for tests