Educational Tips

At Playhood, we recognise that besides sharing activity ideas that develop your child, it is equally important to equip parents in how to make their teaching effective, and the learning rich for your child.

Hence, we are starting a segment, offering educational tips which we hope will tickle your minds for more creative ideas, probe your thinking deeper, inspire you to reflect on your interaction with your child, and sharpen your observations of your child’s learning needs.

For this segment which we call “Educational Tips”, we will draw upon early childhood theories, best practices, recent research, as well as my own personal reflections as an educator and parent. At Playhood, we are after the holistic development of your child, hence we endeavour to encompass the social, cognitive, physical as well as emotional aspects of your child’s development. A child who is developed holistically is a balanced, happy child!

We also hope that this space will be interactive! Hopefully it will spark off discussion and sharing by parents in this chat room! Feel free to ask questions you may have, and share your own personal experiences that others can benefit from. In giving, we receive as well!

Looking forward to more playhood days with our little ones!

Much love and blessings!




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