Nurturing Creativity in Children- A Magazine Interview

We are elated to be featured in the Preschool Survival Kit Magazine distributed to all preschools in Singapore.

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Below is the interview on how creativity is nurtured in our home! Hope it blesses you and encourage you to inculcate a love for creativity in your little one!

What does your girl like to do?

My preschooler likes outdoor play, especially parks and water playground. That sparks inquisitiveness and a sense of wonder.  She also finds a lot of gratification painting her fantasies in art projects. Most of it all, she does a lot of pretend play with her dolls and costumes.

What are some of the things that you do with your girl to nurture her creativity?

I believe in providing a lot of opportunities to nurture creativity and imagination for my preschooler, as it enables children to be resilient and problem-solvers. At home, we provide her with a lot of pretend play props where she can engage herself in pretend play, and tap on her imagination. In terms of art work, I like to provide open-ended activities and materials where she can explore and enjoy the freedom to communicate her ideas with expressions of art. The process of creating should be more important and enjoyed more than the product itself.

We also model creativity by recycling a lot of materials at home to create home learning materials and artwork, which inevitably exposes her to think out of the box.  In the process of discovering her choices, we learnt to respect her ideas and uniqueness, which builds her confidence and encourages her to take risks and be original. Most of it, the process of creativity should be fun! Give your child every opportunity to develop new interests, experience new things, and praise every effort to be creative!

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Also featured in the magazine are the two blog posts on Book-based activities:


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