The Great Outdoors

We love the outdoors! And there are good reasons to!

Outdoor play is the best way for children to develop emerging physical skills! It is largely in the outdoors that children get to develop motor skills like jumping, climbing, running and leaping. Children also get to practice their manipulative skills such as pushing a swing, pulling a wagon toy, or carry portable objects. It also helps to burn up extra calories and prevent obesity!

More than physical benefits, lots of outdoor play also contributes significantly to your child’s cognitive and social-emotional development! It creates environmental knowledge and provides a concrete experience for them to discover the world they live in. They learn to invent games, and instills creativity in their problem-solving skills. It also promotes decision- making and autonomy when they create rules for their social games, or when they take the lead in a team. In doing so, they also learn to use language and vocabulary effectively to communicate their wants and negotiate with their friends. Especially in a conflict, they learn to take turns, respect others, accept differences and cooperate.

Being in touch with nature and the outdoor environment provides endless, sensory-rich experiences for the child! Your child gets to smell a flower, touch the texture of the tree bark, watch a little snail, step on puddles and dance in the rain, climb a tree, find his or her secret place in a hide-and-seek game, and run free in the large space! Their senses are heightened, their learning experiences enriched and their energy expended!

Join us to discover the great outdoors, and get out and play! 🙂



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