Art Garden 2013 @ SAM

Art Garden at Singapore Art Museum (SAM) comes yearly as a vibrant part of children’s season, and it has got to be the most anticipated event for me. Each year, they host different artists and create exploratory spaces for children of all ages to be engaged with art. It spans four storeys of art galleries, film screenings, and interactive art activities.

What you child can learn through an art museum visit

Bringing your child to an art museum can develop their appreciation and understanding for art. Appreciation of art requires them to use their observation skills and imagination and use language to express their ideas. Exposing them to different expressions of art also ignites creativity and expands their thinking. Interacting with art materials is also a very sensorial, engaging learning process for children.



Compiled by NUS architecture students, this array of 134 boxes represents the fabrication of ideas of our Singapore society. Each box represents an idea of what Singapore society is about, and each is unique with its appealing construction. Rae was mesmerised by each box straightaway! She interacted with the concrete contents of each box, and discovers each box with wonder.  What I love about this form of art, is that it can be so abstract, yet so simplistic to a child, because you can imagine what you want it to represent. For example, what I thought looked like light bulbs, were colourful raindrops to Rae. Touching, feeling and seeing how some materials function is also a very scientific way of discovering how things work.



Next, step into the whimsical world of the fairy tales in this children’s playroom. The children are quickly captivated by the colourful wallpaper art, and are drawn into this make-believe world!


What’s so interesting about this art room is the twist to the fairy tales! It will be a very fun activity for your children to spot the fairy tale characters adapted to the Asian context.
Notice how the little Red Riding Hood wear a Kabaya instead? Can you also spot Goldilocks (who now has black hair) and the Three Panda Bears? And little details like the bowls of porridge that have turned into traditional Chinese bowls! And the bottom corner of Jack and the Beanstalk, you can find the MBS towers!




In here, children also get to create art by drawing their ideas on paper, and what’s so amazing is that their drawings get to be projected onto the wall. What a creative twist to Mirror Mirror On The Wall!



Each year, in this mini cinema, it showcases a series of short films and cartoon produced by local students. Children can easily relate to the themes related to them, such as friendship, self-esteem and helping others. My personal favourites are Turi, the Turtle and Molly, both humorous and meaningful.



The theme for this art room is adventure! The artist creates this fascinating world where familiar things, when scrutinized further, show something different about them. You see airplanes hanging in mid-air as well as hot air balloons, which bring to mind, how characters in a book travel to experience adventure. Again, children get to create art by drawing what they can imagine about a template on paper. Rae drew a cat, while Daddy drew his cartoon character, Pocoyo! All these art pieces are displayed on the wall, showcasing the creativity of the children.



When you walk further in, you see the black and white colour theme which reminds me of the house in Adam’s Family! There are a lot of interactive, handmade toys for children to explore, like the toss and throw rings, using string to create the side profile of a face and many others. You can also make your own kaleidoscope!



This Stellar cave definitely is eye-catching the moment you enter! Feast your eyes on this stunning work made up entirely of screws and thread! You can’t help but marvel at the wonder of this creative work of art! Rae also got to experiment using a string to weave through the screws, and create her own animal in the cave.



This art gallery displays the collaborative work between the artist and the children in Singapore. Each child participant is given a tile to work and draw their ideas on. The artist then pieces everything together into a massive whole and drew unifying lines and patterns on the entire artwork. We spent a lot of time with Rae, making out what the children drew, and what the artist painted.


What we have shared here is just a fraction of the art rooms showcased in the Art Garden! Do bring your child to experience art in a fun way!

We love museums!


Art Garden at SAM ( Singapore Art Museum) @ 8Q
17 May to 1Sept 2013
Opens daily from 10am to 7pm
Fridays, 9pm
Free admission


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