Children’s Garden at Gardens By The Bay

New Children’s Garden!

Far East Organization Children’s Garden
Gardens by the Bay
18 Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore 018953

Opening Hours: 9 am to 9 pm
Open: Tue to Sun, Closed on Monday (unless a Public Holiday falls on Monday, in which case it will be closed the next day)

Admmisson: Free

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Besides Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden which we loved, this is the newly opened children’s garden that is definitely worth visiting! This garden spans the size of one hectare, and is sponsored by Far East Organisation. It caters to children aged one to twelve, and promises to inject fun and exploration into the setting of nature and child-friendly play facilities!

The Children’s Garden is nestled in the landscape of the natural beauty and greenery of the parks. When we arrived at the children’s garden, we were greeted by the sights and sounds of the premise. As with any children’s playground, the bright colours and the inviting play areas lures any child into the fun of it all immediately. Adventure and excitement awaits every corner of this huge playground. From afar, you can hear squeals of joy and laughter of children immersed in the interactive games and outdoor fun.

There are 5 designated play areas in the Children’s Garden:

1. Water Play Area

The main attraction for little children will be this water play area! My little 3-year old girl have always loved water playgrounds, but never had she been so excited to play that she dashed straight into the myriad of water splashes from the orchid-shaped water buckets. She ran so fast that we could not locate her in the sea of children! This water play area is actually programmed to detect the movement of the children using sensors and create corresponding effects of water! Impressive right? I think it could be the first in Singapore to have any water playground with this feature!

photo 1 (1)     photo (5)

What I also love about this water play area is this extensive sheltered waiting area for parents. We can sit under the shade and watch our children frolick about in the water splashes. It has the seating capacity of over 300 people. There are also full changing facilities with toilets and lockers! I am really impressed! Its not only child-friendly, it is also parent-friendly! A sure winner with the parents!

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2. Toddler Play Area ( 1-5 years old)

This is an interactive play area equipped with sway bridges, and water tunnels. The fish fountain area have many children clamber over the fish sculptures and trying to dodge the water jets that spits out water from their mouths. There is also a padded playground for little curious, active toddlers to practice their motor skills like climbing, jumping and running, all in a safe environment.

photo 5 (1)    photo 1 (2)    photo 3 (1)

3. Treehouses

I have always loved tree houses! Maybe because it reminds me of fairy tales and places that come alive from storybooks.  At 7.5 m tall, the sheer height and challenge of climbing up to the tree house never fails to ignite a sense of adventure and bravery in every child! My less courageous one decided to start with the sandplay at the bottom of the tree house, and she did immerse herself in the fantasy of building her own sandcastles and enacting pretend play scripts about princesses, kings and fairies.  With a little nudge from Daddy, she finally plucked up courage to climb up to the tree house and embarked on her little venture of walking on the elevated bridge and the  windy walkways. Before long, her little strides became bold running steps up and along the rope bridge, and evolved into a game of hide and seek with her new found friends up in the treehouse!

photo 2 (2)     photo 2 (3)

4. Adventure Trail

Lined with fig trees, there are multiple play areas which consist of an arch tunnel, grasshopper stepping steps, a spider web, rock climbing on a steep area, and tubular and high slides, etc. I love how each designated play area challenges them to use their motor muscles to accomplish physical tasks and gives them a sense of confidence when they are able to achieve any milestone of hopping, jumping, leaping and motor coordination. My girl will repeat the rituals of jumping through the elevated pads, and each new try builds her self-efficacy and self-confidence! I could see pride beaming from her face when she could climb up the spider web on a steep slope, without help from us 🙂

photo 3 (2)    photo 1   photo 4 (1)photo 5

5. Children’s Cafe

If you need a little drink or a rest place that is air-conditioned, there is a little cafe situated between the water play area and the toddler area. But I must say they have limited drinks and snacks. For more food options, you will have to walk out to the Dining Bay away from the Conservatories.

photo 4 (2)

I really highly recommend you to bring your child to this Children’s Garden. It exceeded my expectations in many ways, and the best part is that it is free! and the garden is also open at night with glimmering lights!

Makes me really appreciate the new children’s spaces that Singapore is carving out for our little ones to have a wonderful fun day out in the sun and water! Go, bring your child out and let him play!

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