Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

It is no wonder why Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is one of the best nature places created for children in Singapore. It is Asia’s first children’s garden and it is designed to make discovery of nature fun and purposeful. The moment you walk through the entrance, you are greeted with beautifully landscaped nature. The rustic environment of countless species of trees and plants will straightaway ignite your child’s sense of wonder and curiosity!

Upon entering the garden, you won’t miss the water play area, which provides interactive water play for the children, with several small fountains. It is a common sight to see babies sitting down and enjoying the light touch of water sprinkles on their skin, or toddlers running around in their diapers, scooping water into their buckets and water toys.


Next to the water play area are these tress with low-hanging branches, where it is a rare sight in Singapore to see children displaying their tree-climbing skills, balancing themselves on the branches and spurring each other to reach and climb higher up the tree! Rae was a little hesitant to try, but plucked up enough courage when Daddy offered his hand to hold her as she took her first step up the branch. A big brother also pointed out to her this little insect on the branch. She immediately exclaimed its a ladybird (which I found no evidence of, but just smiled at her).  The fuzzy feeling of seeing my child discovering bits of nature came all over me 🙂

photo (1)            photo

There are a lot of exploratory spaces carved out for children to learn about nature. Information boards are put up everywhere to explain the characteristics of each tree or plant species. There is a herb garden where children get to know different types of herbs and familiar ones used in cooking. To add on to the different places created for play and exploration, there is also a maze for children! Children love getting lost in the maze, and using their orientation skills to get themselves out! Rae’s ingenious method was to scream for Daddy, and follow the source of Daddy’s voice to find out where he is!

Our other favourite play area will be the tree-house and the suspension bridge! The tree-house is almost two storeys high, and getting up there is no easy feat for Rae. But what entices every child to climb up to the top will be the long, winding slide that promises great fun for any child!

photo (4)      photo (2)

A treat for the eyes will be this man-made waterfall that offers tranquility and serenity for the visitors. At the foot of the waterfall is a huge pond where we get to rest our tired feet and admire the floating lily pads and dragonflies that fly past them.

photo (3)

Everytime on our way out of the garden, I always think to myself that we will get never tired of coming here.

And yes, we will definitely be back for another experience of being immersed in nature 🙂


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