Kite festival

Children’s Kite Festival

Children’s Kite Festival was held at West Coast Park, as part of the annual NTUC Income Kite Festival. in particular, this kite festival has been customised with buzzing activities to engage children from 2 to 12 years old. It is lined up with interesting activities such as kite-making workshops, wind garden displays, and craft sessions for kids. Free kites, popcorn and candy floss are an irresistible treat for children! The Grand Lawn at West Coast Park is transformed into an exploratory area for children to try learning how to fly kites!


Our experience

When we arrived around noon time after showers of heavy rain, we were greeted by the sight of many kite enthusiasts as well as eager children ready to fly kites or participate in the booth activities. Our first encounter was the performance put up by a magician who mesmerised the children with his series of magic tricks. The magician was very engaging, he not only attracted the children’s attention but gave plenty of opportunities for the children to participate in the magic tricks. Some children took turns to be the Magician’s Assistant, which was a real treat I believe!


What created the feel of carnival has got to be the stunts and entertainment presented by Act 3 International. The actors were dressed up in brightly coloured costumes, with full stage makeup; a sight not to be missed by the children! Rae immediately gravitated towards these larger than life characters, who looked like they came out from Alice in Wonderland or a fairy tale of some sort. The children were entertained by two performers blowing huge bubbles and it is so delightful to see them chasing the bubbles with squeals of excitement and laughter. Further down at the Grand Lawn, you have animal characters walking across the expansive field, like the polar bear and the brown bears. Rae approached the characters in awe of their size and appearance, completely bedazzled by them!

20130811-151151.jpg      20130811-151202.jpg  20130811-151212.jpg

Fly Kite Fly!

Feeling the winds in our hair, we embarked on our little kite-flying experience! I personally can’t recall the last time I flew a kite! So I am no expert here! The job of getting it started was indisputably delegated to Daddy! He put together the free kite that was given, and explained to Rae how to get the kite up in the sky, pointing to the other children and adults who were showing off their kite-flying skills at the lawn. Rae watched with abated breath for the kite to take off flying when Daddy took off running with the string in his hand! After a few attempts, we finally got the kite up in the sky! It was the most magical moment for us!


And this is our little kite that was soaring effortlessly with the wind once we got it up!


With our first successful endeavour of flying our kite, we decided we want more! So we went to the Kite Shop stationed at the side of the lawn, to purchase a bigger kite. The bright, red squid kite caught Rae’s eye, and we couldn’t wait to let her watch it fly in the sky! And true enough she was completely bewildered by the movement of the squid amid the background of fluffy clouds in the sky!

20130827-171559.jpg      20130827-171624.jpg20130827-171354.jpg

Well, we have experienced the magic of kite-flying for sure. To see the wonder and amazement in my little girl’s eyes is probably the most priceless moment for me. And watching our kites fly is the most exhilarating feeling for our entire family!

More kite-flying days to come!


Grand Flying Days!

Hope this post has inspired you to take your family out on a kite-flying experience! The upcoming event will be held on Sat, and Sun, 31 Aug and 1 Sept this weekend!

Venue is at The Promontory @ Marina Bay!

Go out and play!


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