Aqua Playground @ Katong 112

Katong 112

112, East Coast Road, Singapore 428802, 4th level.

Katong 112 was one of my favourite malls when we were living in the East. Besides being new, it is child-friendly and has evolved into an education hub with a selection of enrichment centres. The big hit with the children has got to be the Aqua Playground, which is a roof-top water play area for children. The open air concept allows children to enjoy water play, sun and fresh air! The brightly coloured water gadgets is a welcoming sight the moment you arrive!

photo (2) photo (4)

The water play area is well-facilitated with wet slides and swings, where children get to experience the wet version of a playground! There is lots of running space too!

And watch out for the tipping buckets! You often hear squeals of delight from the children when the bucket gushes water down from their heads!

photo (3) photo (1)

For a more intense experience of being drenched in the water, go for the mushroom-looking feature that promises to get you soaked to your skin!

photo (10)

There is a row of huge water guns, where children get to aim and shoot out water at their friends. Great for interactive play!

That is where I have to watch out because Rae and Daddy are pointing their water gun in my direction! Run!!


Another added feature in this aqua playground are these interactive and educational corners where children get to try out the telephone tube and discover how sound travels through the tube. There is also a xylophone and a huge Gong for children to have a go at creating some music and beats.

photo (6) photo (5) photo (7)

Well at the close of an hour of running freely and getting herself drenched by the water sprinkles, Rae has almost expended all her energy, and was beaming with smiles!

There, the reward to seeing her so happy being in the sun and water!


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