Word Families- Onset & Rime Blocks

What next after learning the letter sounds, a friend asked me. Teach word families! 

For this friend, I created a word family game using some wooden blocks (from Daiso or your child’s!). Just glue different beginning letter sounds on the blocks. Rotate the block to create different words in the same word family like -at. Or play a game where the child tosses the block like a dice and blends the sounds together to read the word

Language devt
Children progress as better readers when they can identify chunks in words like word families (e.g. Words ending with -at, -in) In teaching word families, children learn how to blend sounds (like c-at, b-in). It helps them to decode words faster, improving their word recognition skills as well as spelling skills. Reading books with lots of rhymes like Dr Seuss also helps develop their phonological awareness.
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